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Door lock aluminum alloy parts

Door lock aluminum alloy parts

Pure aluminium die-casting, aluminium alloy die-casting, die...

Smart door lock
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The product is lighter, corrosion - resistant, wear - resistant, long - term use of paint.
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Dongguan aoko precision die casting co., ltd. has become the supplier of national high-tech enterprises huawei, millet, sf, die casting can be oxidized pure aluminum, to meet the needs of a variety of color appearance, product precision, color beautiful, durable, fashion, is the new direction of the future market. CNC to provide you with high prices for processing solutions! Solve the problem of high price and low efficiency of some CNC machining by die casting. Anodic oxidation production of multicolor pure aluminum products, products lighter, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long time use does not drop paint. Dongguan aoko precision die casting co., ltd. is referred to as aoko precision.

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