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    Frederick (Hong Kong) Co LTD. Dongguan AO Precision Diecasting Co.,Ltd.
    As state high-tech enterprise, we obtained 7 national patents. We are technology-based aluminum die-casting manufactory. Our company committed to breaking through limitation of traditional die-casting mold design and process. The efficiency of our optimized die-casting process is roughly 20% higher than that of traditional process. 
    We provide professional advice to customers. Evaluation includes whether it is suitable for mold, how to mold, and whether there are other related processes more suitable for customers to reduce costs and improve yield.

    W think what the customer wants and what the customer is anxious about, eliminating the potential hidden dangers in the later stage of the production and providing potential quality risk avoidance.
    We provide potential cost improvement. With better mold design and optimized die-case process, we could help save CNC machining time and improve CNC machining efficiency.
    We have a full set of process from designing and developing mold, to die casting, CNC machining and post-processing, etc.
    Our die casting machine is featured with automatic feeding, automatic spraying, automatic picking and conveyer belt delivery. Our full automatic die casting machines help ensure quality and improve yield. Our monthly production capacity is 600,000 pieces. We are ISO certificated.
    We have been die-casting phone case for Huawei, Millet Mobile Phone as well as intercom case for SF Express Company. We use DM5,DM6 (bad activity which is difficult to mold and die-cast),which ensures that die-casted case can be oxidized in a variety of beautiful bright colors (such as gold, blue, red etc) as well as its durability during use. 

    Product range: Automobile suspension parts, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), SMT soldering pallet, Clothing supplementary material (anodized zipper, buttons, etc.). aluminum die-casting parts for  electronic cigarettes, aluminum hangers, mobile phone case, smart door locks, headphones, in-ear earplugs shell, interphone shell, door lock handle, medical equipment, toys, accessories, fishing gear accessories, LED lighting accessories, mouse, graphics and other heat sink base, such as mobile phone camera, tripod, machine bracket involved in various industries. 

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